What are the bean bag storage ways

by:Kolysen     2020-07-09
In order to prolong the flavor and quality of coffee beans, we tend to place after the coffee beans baking in a sealed bag, but coffee beans can absorb carbon dioxide in the process of roasting, at room temperature after is released slowly. 100 grams, after the coffee beans baking can produce about 500 milliliters of carbon dioxide, obviously if you just roasted coffee beans into the bag will burst, in order to guarantee the safety and quality, must be removed more than carbon dioxide. There are three kinds of the common method to store: ( 1) Ordinary packaging; ( 2) Vacuum packing; ( 3) Inert gas packaging; 1, the common packing ordinary simply liberated from water, because of the coffee bean is exposed to air for a long time, oxidation is serious, leading to taste period shorten, in order to prevent because of the exhaust gas burst packet, we will choose in the bag with a single lock valve, the gas discharge excess. Its principle is to use the density of carbon dioxide than oxygen, coffee beans at the same time of constantly releasing carbon dioxide, oxygen density will be lighter out of the bag inside. To extend the shelf life of coffee beans. This method has a disadvantage, with its aroma can oxygen discharge, has certain influence to the taste of coffee beans, often used for storage of cold coffee beans. 2, vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging, is the premise of coffee beans must be carbon dioxide discharge completely, otherwise it will exhaust itself because coffee beans, in bags bulge bag is broken, and lost. The advantage of the vacuum packing is that can be stored for a long time, taste also have substantially retained. 3, inert gas packaging using the principle of inert gas with the ordinary air packaging similar, just to replace air with inert gas. Implementation methods: 1. Coffee bean bag vacuum first, then to the injection of inert gas in the bag to balance the pressure inside the bag. 2. After liquefaction of inert gas filling the bag inside, and by evaporation of the inert gas to air out. Through an inert gas than general vacuum packaging of beans beans 3 times the shelf life of long time. Of course if they want to use the same packaging materials, to have the oxygen and water permeability. After the pressure in the packaging in an airtight and coffee beans after the exhaust pressure saturated. By adjusting the situation of the inert gas to change and control the shelf life of coffee beans and affect its flavor. In order to prevent the air pressure is too big in bags, coffee beans also must carry on the exhaust after loading again, or use is a packaging with a one-way valve.
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