What are the advantages of food packaging manufacturers of frozen bags?

by:Kolysen     2020-12-23
Packaging products company specializing in the custom packaging for 12 years, frozen food packaging is a pillar of our products. Our company relies on automated scale from 'printing - The compound - Cutting - Bag 'production process, we ensure the supply of packaging material accuracy, the stability of quality, delivery time delivery quantity and each work coordination, to provide customers with the packing of the products with good quality. We always for customized production of frozen food packaging bags, such as frozen meat packing bags, frozen dumpling packaging these products of its own advantages and efforts: 1, the impact resistance performance is good. Frozen food after packaging need transportation, loading and unloading, and shelf displays, etc. , in the process of the frozen food packaging is vulnerable to external force damage, if appear easily frozen food wrapping poor resistance to impact the torn bags, open bags phenomenon, not only influence the appearance of packaging products, also cannot have the effect of the packing itself should be at the same time. 2, smooth, good performance. If the smooth of the frozen bags itself is poorer, the production process of open sex is poorer, the production efficiency is low, it will also reduce the utilization of the packet, cause waste to the cost. 3, heat sealing performance is good. Frozen bag heat sealing strength is not enough, heat sealing temperature too high heat sealing layer damage phenomenon, which reduces the protection performance of the packet, greatly reduces the shelf life of the content, make content to reach the corresponding guarantee. 4, good peel strength and tensile force between the layers. Once frozen bags of poor mechanical properties, causing delamination, packet bags will not be able to achieve proper bearing function, the protection of contents cannot play an effective role. 5, cold resistant performance is good. Frozen bags if not reach requirement, in the case of low temperature, can't keep the material the performance of the original packing material is brittle, make packaging material mechanical strength drops, cause bags to crack and craze, more can't meet the contents of protection. 6, easy tear good performance. If frozen bags easy tear effect cannot effectively play, tear strength too big bags is not easy to open, tear strength is too small to cause packaging mechanical properties is reduced, so as to meet the humanized design, easy tear at the mouth of the packet at the same time also to complete the product protection. 7, durable performance is good. Because frozen frozen food is generally hard, especially fish, meat, contain bones and rigid objects, transport and storage products in the extrusion is easy to make the vacuum bags worn out, make the vacuum packing bag sealing damage, so frozen food of vacuum packaging of puncture is very demanding.
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