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by:Kolysen     2020-07-18
What are food safety sign release date: 2018 - 05 - 07 food packaging safety sign must have, if not, must have the food security level is very low, so everyone at the time of buying food, be sure to see food packaging safety sign, so, what are food safety sign? A, QS certification according to the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine 'about using the enterprise announcement of relevant matters of food production license logo ( Administration of no. 34 bulletin, 2010) , food production license signs to enterprises of the food production license pinyin Qiyeshipin Shengchanxuke abbreviation of QS, said and mark the production license of Chinese words, with the original English abbreviations QS ( The quality and safety of quality safety) To express meaning is different. 与质量标准( Quality standards) The meaning of the different also. Second, SC certification on October 1, 2018, food producers shall not use the original packaging, labels, and QS mark. Use the original packaging, labels, marks of food, can continue to sell in warranty period. With the blue QS logo will gradually retreat for many years, people instead has SC signal coding. SC is short for the production of Chinese phonetic alphabet, followed by 14 digits, from left to right in turn as follows: the three food category coding, two provinces ( Autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) Code, two cities ( Ground) Code, two counties ( Area) Four code, order code, one check code. SC code represents the enterprise the only license code, that is, food production license will be a companies a certificate after the reform, including even the same enterprise engaged in the ordinary food, health food and food additives and other three kinds of products, and only to issue a production license. So that it can realize the food traceability. Food or food additive category code consists of three digits, the first number represents a food or food additive production license identification number, the number 1 on behalf of the food, the number 2 on behalf of the food additives. The second and third digits represent the food, food additives, category number. Relevant controller introduces. Three, pollution-free agricultural products certification of agricultural products quality certification began in the early 20th century America of crop seed certification, and represented by the organic food certification. Traditional way to the middle of the 20th century, with the food production of phasing out and the increase of the proportion of industrialization, the development of international trade, the increase of the degree of food safety risk, many countries have introduced the process of farmland to table management idea, the agricultural product certification as well as to ensure the quality of agricultural products safety and can reduce the effective policies and measures of government management costs. Hence, the HACCP ( Food safety management system) 、GMP( Good manufacturing practices) , Europe, Australia EurepGAP On&mdash SQF, Canada; Farm system certification and Japan JAS certification, South Korea close environmental certification, France identification system for agricultural products, UK the little red tractor logo certification, and other forms of agricultural products certification. China began in the early 1990 s department of agriculture agricultural products certification of green food certification. In 2001, put forward in the development of high-yield, high-quality, high efficiency, under the background of ecological, safe agriculture, the agriculture department puts forward the concept of pollution-free agricultural products, and organize the implementation of pollution-free food action plan, locally set standards to carry out the local pollution-free agricultural products certification. On this basis, the 2003 implements unified standard, unified logo, unified, unified management, unified supervision of the unified national pollution-free agricultural products certification. In the late 1990 s, some domestic institutions to introduce foreign organic standards, implementation of the organic food certification. Organic certification is a part of the agricultural products quality and safety certification. In addition, our country is still in crop production implementation GAP ( Good agricultural practice) And in the animal husbandry products, aquatic products production and processing in the implementation of the HACCP food safety management system certification. At present, our country basically formed, with emphasis on the product certification, system certification for the supplement of certification system of agricultural products. Four, the certification of green food certification of green food is on the basis of the green food logo administration law certification of green pollution-free food should be used. Formulated procedures, domestic companies with green food production conditions are may apply according to the procedure for green food certification, enterprises abroad shall be formulated separately. Five, the organic food certification of organic food refers to the food from the organic agricultural production system, organic agriculture refers to a process without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and feed additive of the sustainable development of agriculture, it emphasized the natural life of virtuous circle and biodiversity. Organic certification certificate by the food production, processing, storage, transportation and sales are conform to standards of organic food! The above is a sign of food safety, more consulting about bags, please pay attention to liaoning. A: vacuum bags leak next article: food packaging bags how to choose the right
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