What appearance quality inspection techniques of the packaging bags

by:Kolysen     2020-08-04
The appearance quality of the bags are as follows: 1, the scratches. Bag surface should be no obvious scratches. Some cosmetic bags, transparent bags have higher requirements. 2, flatness. Sealing side is flat, no burn, no obvious case become warped, in does not affect the thermal bonding fastness, under the principle of bag as far as possible to ensure the smoothness, strapping after flat pack easily. 3, design position. Should be centered or according to customer requirements, the up and down and left and right deviation, no border belt should & le; 3. 0 mm, there are border belt should & le; 2. 0mm。 4, incision. Longitudinal and transverse incision should be flat, smooth without burr and easy to speak, no four edge-sealing bag. Position deviation & le; 2. 0mm。 5, virtual sealing width ( The distance of incision from sealing side) General should be < 3. 0mm。 6, punching and lack of accurate location, no tilt, should not hurt the text and the main design, punching, Lack of) Edges should be smooth without obvious burr. 7, back closure. Grey bag back center. Deviation & le; 3mm。 Have a bag design according to the position of design cheap & le; 3. 0mm。 8, back edge dislocation. Back sealing edge dislocation should be less than 2 mm. And should not be exposed or bright light side. 9, sealing knife position. Transverse and longitudinal knife MWCNTS trace should coincide, do not allow the obvious tilt. 10 and pinhole. The aperture size, position, right quantity meet the requirements in each row, pinhole should not be bad.
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