What about the lead time of butter foil paper from placing a order to delivery?
The lead time of foil paper varies from customers. Different order quantity and production requirements will cause different production times. Even the efficiency of communication will cause differences in lead time. Are you interested in our products? Contact us, and we will have experienced team to serve you. After fully understanding your requirements, we will then estimate the needed production time and give your specific lead time. No matter how the complexity of your project is, we promise to finish the production as efficiently and nicely as possible and deliver products to you within the estimated time.

Kolysen is a worldwide famous flexible packaging provider. The plastic film packaging series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Kolysen frozen food packaging is made of selected materials that are of high quality. The lifelike printed image brings a top-grade shelf display effect. The product features maximum cooling efficiency. It effectively transfers heat by mechanically compressing refrigerant into a low-pressure, cold liquid and expanding it into high-pressure and hot gases. Made of anti-bacterial materials, it is hygienic.

We are finding ways to partner with customers to design solutions. We have been focusing on establishing close partnerships with our clients so as to come up with the most ideal products. Inquiry!
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