Using vacuum compound bag need to pay attention to

by:Kolysen     2020-07-22
Using vacuum compound bag need to pay attention to what release date: 2019 - 07 - 01 although nowadays vacuum compound bag use frequency is very common, but there are still some people do not have the right to use or vacuum compound bag, so that no compound bag vacuum preservation storage function. So people in the process of using the vacuum packing bag, what are the precautions need to be aware of? First, before the use of pump, the pump must be checked whether can work normally, inspection method is very simple, only need to cover the palm of your hand pump, and then began to smoke, if you have any stock can feel attraction to absorb, the palm of her hand pump can work normally. Second, if found the vacuum bags, the phenomenon of the blow up, so it must be sealed bags no, or a leak phenomenon, makes the inside of the bag vacuum degree is not enough, lead to appear the phenomenon of blow up. Then, if the vacuum bags into the inside is clothing, leather and feather products, then you must put the clothes to dry, dry, fully remove clothes inside of water, but you don't need to use preservatives or drugs such as pest control. If the clothes to dry or dry in vacuum compound bag, so it is easy to cause clothes mildew, discoloration, and even smells. Thus, vacuum packing is not foolproof, must be properly used to ensure the normal order of the goods stored. Finally, if there are cracks vacuum bags, then you must to use the broad-brimmed cellophane tape tight joint, some difficult to repair cracks in the mouth, then have to show it to a professional repair personnel for repair, vacuum packaging crack too big, it must be replaced a new vacuum compound bag. The previous: giant tell you choose food packaging technique under a vacuum bag: introduce the vacuum compound bag bag of the cause of leakage rises and the solution
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