Use the plastic tips you know?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-24
Use the plastic tips you know? Release date: 2019 12 - 04 plastic bag is all too familiar, plastic bags offers many benefits to our lives, but often after a lot of people use when garbage thrown away, not wasteful and environmentally friendly, paper-plastic manufacturer summarizes the unknown use plastic bags for you tips, believe that will make you open horizon. Skills: prevent hair entanglement. Knitting a sweater, if at the same time with the wool of two above, can put them in one plastic bag, make our thread of different rims of wear out from the bag, can avoid wool shall tangle together in the weaving process. Tips 2: help shoes mouldproof. Wipe with wet cloth to leather shoes, air first, shoe polish, on a moment, shoe brush, not leak into plastic bag, bag gas discharge, mouth with ropes tied tightly. This collection of shoes, can prevent the shoes dry mass deformation and mildew. Tip # 3: clean white vest. White vest to wear for a long time can't wash clean. Will wash the white vest to wash them and then rub a rub gently with soap or detergent. After cleaning, gently rub soap or washing powder, on no longer rinse, put in plastic bags, and good mouth, drying in the sun for 1 hour. Then remove the rubbing clean, can make it white. Tip # 4: keep dry chili. Taking 1 pepper string together, fully dry, suitable to the size of the plastic bags, wear the rope string of chili from the bottom of the plastic bags, hanging from the eaves, every 1 to 2 months to remove the plastic bags in hot pepper. The chili can neither insect corruption and clean. Tip # 5: storage of Chinese chestnut. Chinese chestnut in plastic bags, put in good ventilation, the temperature stability of the underground interior. When the temperature above 10 ℃, plastic bags to open the mouth; The temperature under 10 ℃, keep the plastic bag mouth tightly. Early every 7 days to 10 days turn once, after one month, turning number can be appropriately reduced. Tip # 6: prevent clothes wrinkled. Fold the clothes, fold plastic bags in clothes, between clothes and clothes also separated with a plastic bag. So when some extrusion, plastic part will buffer pressure, also can slow down the fabric, the friction between the general will not wrinkle easily. Tip # 7: prevent freezes window flowers. Winter use stove heating homes, indoor window glass in the morning is often due to water vapor into ice, ice melting, flowing on windowsill. If there is a window screen out of the window, white plastic film can be nailed on the window screen of wooden frame, can prevent the window glass ice flower, at the same time can also play a protective role. Tips 8: preserved turnip is not bad. Before and after the winter solstice, dry radish, carrot drying to skin table after order, then packed in plastic bags, tied with a rope with a mouth, so two months storage, radish is not bad, not the chaff. A: on the classification and characteristics of vacuum packing bag under a: where should pay attention to in the process of pneumatic valve bag have?
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