Use a brown paper bag of white kraft paper, how to distinguish good or bad

by:Kolysen     2020-07-23
White kraft paper bagpresents two white, Sweden has divided into white kraft paper, white kraft paper, white kraft paper, Australia presented. especially white kraft paper, etc. White kraft paper to be used in food packaging must be food grade kraft paper can, otherwise the fluorescent agent, the harm of human body is a big and not food grade kraft paper, certainly no food grade kraft paper, then clean. Some kraft paper baglook is clean and white, white to earn don't open my eyes. This is belonged to put more fluorescent agent. Usually are not suitable for food packaging can close contact with food. In the face of such situation ng industrial teach you a method can quickly and easily tell white kraft paper, do you have any add too much fluorescent agent, that is he yanchao ultraviolet irradiation, if you see there are a large number of spot or strongly reflective, means that the fluorescent agent put too much, not suitable for used in food packaging. Someone said that someone might carry uv counterfeit detector? No ultraviolet (uv) and there is no other way to identify? If the absence of uv light, is there any other way can also recognize, of course not ask you to watch with the naked eye, so very need technology, can only be seen a lot of white kraft paper packaging of the old driver to control the way of living, of course I won't let you use this method, it is impossible to even the sun without uv kind of all have no? So if there is no ultraviolet (uv) in the sun is able to see out, you just need to put white kraft paper, under the sun, if you see a lot of spots or glance to make the eyes opened, it is also a fluorescent agent put too much. Not recommended for food packaging.
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