Uneven bag sealing solution - Packaging printing

by:Kolysen     2020-06-23
Today when it comes to problems or sealing, uneven phenomenon for the seal, the seal appeared to be out of shape. Here we analyse the event reason and solution. 【 Packaging printing 】 Not smooth seal belongs to plastic bags shape forming, not according to stipulations in the process of powder coating on the surface of distortions, etc. , lead to uneven contraction appeared in the process of plastic bags in the sealing. Why will appear this kind of phenomenon in the process of sealing plastic bags? Listed below are a few reasons analysis: 1, the plastic bags in the process of composite, composite coil heating uneven or uneven binding. 2, a coil in the curing room, is not properly put results in uneven coil local hands, fixed speed difference is big. 3, a coil curing process, the groove is too deep, way out is not correct, draft not correct distortion factors could lead to plastic parts. Cooling time is inadequate. Corresponding to these situations, what solution to prevent the taken? Listed below are a few solutions: 1, should adjust the body temperature according to the product, in the process of composite compound heated evenly. 2, the cooling process to fully, don't rush. Thin film to choose 3, on the surface of materials. 4, grasp the cure time. 5, pay attention to the composite film adhesive evenness.
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