Summarize the main points of the many in self-reliance bag packaging design

by:Kolysen     2020-07-26
The packing bag of self-reliance bag is a new and convenient. Currently self-reliance bags are used in liquid packaging, condiment packing, laundry detergent, etc. Through this kind of packing form according to the different form for different industries is constantly design innovation. The suction nozzle self-supporting bag is self-reliance bags inside the most representative one. Today is to share the suction nozzle bag. Suction nozzle bag is composed of suction nozzle and self-reliance bags, in production through the bag and the suction nozzle bag two link to complete the suction nozzle bag production. Have higher demand to every link of the process, if the master is bad, will appear in the process of using up bag, bag, the quality problems such as leakage, so such independent suction nozzle bag is not qualified, so independent suction nozzle bag in production in the process of how to avoid these situations? First in terms of production of self-supporting bag, attention should be paid to put at the bottom of the bag, punching, heat sealing, especially the joint parts of the self-supporting bag four layer and two layer easily happened to break the bag. Smaller friction coefficient, the bag bag to remove surface electrostatic, avoid between bag and bag of adsorption, unfavorable to take bag pack mouth sealing machine. At present our country's independence in bag of suction nozzle mainly through two ways, one is manual suction nozzle, one is thermal packaging suction nozzle. Through heat conduction method of temperature to the mouth, the mouth melting with the bag and PE sealing layer welded together. Self-reliance bag has a very good effect to show the goods, now also got the favour of many industries, especially in the field of cosmetic, more and more products are also beginning to use this self-reliance bags in this form, such as the form of many USES in the market at present, such as liquid soap, shampoo and other products, beautifully printed, transportation and convenient to carry, to replace the traditional the trend of the plastic bottle and glass bottle. With the continuous development of packaging industry to make the packing form is no longer confined to a kind of simple packaging form, make the packaging more humanized, better use of convenient for people.
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