Spot and custom which good food packaging bags, how to choose a regular packing bag manufacturer?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-12
Food packaging bags to buy spot and do the custom each have each benefits, the merits and demerits of the below list for you: buy spot advantages: 1. Delivery is fast, can a small lot, products suitable for a short period of time. 2. The price is relatively cheap and there is no version of the fee. 3. Fixed size, provide convenience for users do bag for the first time. Disadvantages: 1. The printing effect and worrying 2 bag quality. The bag design style is fixed, not conducive to the establishment of the brand. 3. Material is fixed, the advantages of single function custom: 1. The size, pattern style ( Including the logo) , the materials are custom. 2. Manufacturer to provide a rich bag type and special process, conducive to the establishment of the brand. 3. The printing effect guaranteed and quality of the bag. 4. Suitable for product line is stable. 5. Provide design and proofing disadvantages: 1. Relatively complicated technological process, the delivery cycle is slow! 2. New products need to open version 3. To determine the size process is complicated by the above listed users can according to own actual situation combined with spot and the advantages and disadvantages of custom, to make a choice! According to user selection we do customized user key, how to choose a regular packing bag manufacturer? 1. Can through the website and electronic business platform to get to know a manufacturer's product line. If a product lines span is we won't consider. 2. If the factory is near to us, can make an appointment with manufacturer, direct field is better. Far words can make a few sample bag manufacturers, look at the printing effect and the quality of the bag. 3. The factory can provide the relevant qualification. 【 Packaging manufacturers]
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