Some focal points of food packaging requirements

by:Kolysen     2020-06-29
Food packaging bags, want to consider problems are very many, the following work in plastic packaging, the director of the requirements for food packaging of several key to do a good job of doing a rough introduction. Aluminum foil bag general storage requirements to avoid direct sunlight, and away from fire, under the room temperature is 25 degrees Celsius can save 2 years. Aluminum foil bag, also known as polyamide 66 or nylon 66. Translucent light yellow or milk white opaque resin. Relative density 1. 14 ~ 1. 15, the melting point of 259 ~ 267 ℃. Excellent abrasion resistance, oil resistance, self-lubrication, heat resistance, strength and rigidity is the highest of aliphatic nylon varieties. The tensile strength of 75. 9 ~ 82. 9 mpa, compression strength of 91 mpa, cantilever beam impact strength ( Gap) 4 kj/m, heat deformation temperature ( 1. 82MPa) 75 ℃, R120 hardness, volume resistivity 1015 & Omega; · 35 kv/m cm, dielectric strength, self-extinguishing. Polycondensation reaction of adipic acid and adipic amine was prepared. But methods such as extrusion, injection molding, blow molding processing. Can strengthen, filling, alloying modification. Amount is used as fiber, tire curtain plastic bags according to the product structure and use different can be divided into: plastic woven bag with a plastic film bag. Plastic woven bag is widely used in fertilizer, chemical products and other items of a packaging material. The main production process is the use of plastic raw material by extrusion film, cutting, uniaxial tensile as flat wire, after warp/weft knitting products, commonly known as woven bag. Features: light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, after joining plastic film inner lining, is moistureproof prevent wet; Light bag weight in 2. Below 5 kg, medium-sized bag weight in 25 Heavy bags, 50 kg load - 50 100kg。 The first: the product market research work. Including product marketing ( Belong to: marketing, marketing) Object, the specifications of the products, the same or similar products of market sales, regional and national characteristics, price and profit prospects of related work. Vacuum bag is after extracting vacuum, and filling the nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases. Nitrogen is inert, filling effect, make the vacuum bag to keep positive pressure, in order to prevent the outside air into the bag, bag of food plays a protective role. Carbon dioxide, corruption has inhibitory activity role of bacteria and other microorganisms. There are food such as crisp fragile, easy to deformation and oil food, there are sharp edges or high hardness will puncture the vacuum bag and so on food, after vacuum packaging, vacuum bag inside air pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside packing bag, can effectively prevent food compression breakage, deformation, and does not affect the packaging and printing packaging appearance. As the vacuum bag packaging promotion and the development of the supermarket, its scope of application will be more and more widely, some will gradually replace rigid package. The second: packaging of planning and design work. A good product packaging, in relation to the product after the listing and sales work. Now many companies keen on gaining petty advantages, to do a good packaging design production directly, is a lot of problems. The stand or fall of packaging design, and the company positioning marketing strategy is connected, so a good packaging, is a business card. Third: manufacturing. Plastic bags is a kind of plastic as raw materials, used in the production of the packing bag of all kinds of products, widely used in daily life and industrial production, but the same convenience bring lasting harm. Plastic bags can be divided by material OPP, CPP, PP, PE, PVA, EVA, compound bag, co-extrusion compound bag, etc. Because the material requirements of food packaging is very strict, transparency of the material, air permeability, light resistant, moistureproof, To prevent the items gone mouldy) And save the cycle, temperature, etc are important issues to consider. Now there are a lot of manufacturers, first consider the price, the second is the product of printing, etc. , and these are not the first. Product packaging notice is in close contact with the product characteristics to determine the packaging material selection. Fourth: product packaging sales. Now a lot of manufacturers is not their production, but trust others to packaging. In many problems, should consider when packaging packaging environment, the quality of packaging, packaging machinery and so on, these are late must be enforced. 【 Food packaging manufacturer 】 【 Vacuum bags 】
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