Some basic knowledge of zhisu composite bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-23
Zhisu composite bag is made from plastic with kraft paper bagcompound, usually adopts the polypropylene plastic layer ( PP) Or polyethylene ( PE) Flat silk weaving cloth as the backing material, refined composite special kraft paper, kraft paper is used with high strength, water proofing property is good, the characteristics of beautiful appearance. Is currently one of the most popular packaging materials, widely used in the plastic raw material, cement, feed, chemical industry, fertilizer industry, etc. Zhisu composite bag - composite plastic woven bag with plastic woven bag ( Cloth) As base material, after LiuYanFa composite made of ( Cloth/film composite for epoxy resin, cloth/film/paper composite triad) 。 They are mainly used for packing fertilizers, synthetic materials, powder, food, salt, minerals and other powder or granular solid materials and flexible. Low composite woven bags: according to the main material is divided into polypropylene triad bag, seal bag, polypropylene polyethylene seal bag, PE triad bag; According to the sewing method is divided into the bottom of the seam bag, hemming sewing bag bag, pocket, glue; 'According to the effective width of the bag is divided into 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700 mm, any effective width does not comply with the above-mentioned specifications. Zhisu composite bag: commonly known as: triad bags ( 1) Specifies zhisu composite bag: also called the triad of composite paper bag, is a small bulk container, mainly by human or forklift to realize the unitized transport, it is convenient for shipping, small bulk powder and granular materials with high strength, good waterproof, appearance koryo, facilitate handling characteristics, is a kind of the most popular and practical common packaging material. ( 2) Process description: adopts refined white kraft paper or yellow kraft paper outside and the inside plastic woven cloth, make through high temperature and high pressure plastic particles PP melt, kraft paper and plastic woven cloth composite together. Can add the lining of the bag. Open pocket/paper-plastic bag form is equal to the bottom of the seam. With good strength, superior features such as waterproof.
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