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by:Kolysen     2020-07-05
In 2019 were in the past in a twinkling of an eye, the following is the New Year's day and the traditional Chinese festival & ndash; — Before and after the New Year's eve, New Year's eve we will prepare them with a lot of snacks, to support the related marketing activities, so many snacks manufacturers began to put into mass production, for this a packet is Paramount, open to booking a snack packaging design and printing is good or bad, will directly affect the sales of the company's products. So how do you do packaging can not thrown off? Packaging design, for a product, is a kind of visual image, is the key to the consumer's first impression of the product. Need not only perfectly reflects the scope of the concept of products, selling point, style, the audience, which will correspond to the audience delimit spending circle, also need to add some ideas for the planning, design, thus increasing packaging, attract the potential consumers. Packaging design mainly divided into: 1. Beautification, beautify the purpose is to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, the product at its best, hidden influence the shortcoming of the product itself. 2. Sales promotion, the figures show, with visual impact, the packing bag of novel is to be able to promote consumer buying behavior. 3. Other functions, bags at the time of use, hard to avoid can appear a few problems, such as good quality bags are hard to tear, even if play is easy to tear the mouth, the same effort, then we can consider using easy tear film material, to increase the user experience. 4. Composition is mainly around the composition elements, design trademarks, graphics and text for typesetting, generally good bags, are designed to be distinct, contracted. 5. The packing bag of graphic design, the use of the existing model characteristics, such as open a window on the physical map to do an ornament. Or have made different bag, packing bag increase visual wallop. 6. Color design, the selection and collocation of color directly affect the whole packing style and temperament, also corresponds to the different consumer groups. The use of it, of course, also with the whole picture closely linked to the design idea, composition, cannot independent of them. 7. Character design, character design is the whole packaging design, a part of the most easy to ignore, but more often than not, text not only can accurately convey information to consumers directly, the design of the font, also the symbol of a topic, response the overall style of packaging. When designing packaging must put the font design as part of the design to the overall consideration. Choose bag type 1. Snack bags if do small bags, three edge sealing, mainly three edge sealing of mature production technology, the price is cheaper than other bag type, and we usually make a gift bag outside the bag, so three edge-sealing bag is the best choice. 2. With around 200 g product suggest self-supporting bag effect will be better, self-supporting bag is whether online, to stand shelves effect is very good. 3. High-end product line can consider eight edge-sealing bag type, eight edge-sealing bag type stereo sense is better, is emerging in recent years the bag type, shelf display is the best, that is new to suck. Material choice material choice is kraft paper, aluminum foil, or other plastic material, recommend specific material can refer to bag the material of the dried fruit, nuts, introduction to knowledge
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