Small amount of packaging procurement is not taken seriously by the supplier how to do?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-14
Purchase price is higher, negotiation with suppliers is weak, the material is various, the delivery date is in small batch purchasing bags, such as severe primary problems in the acquisition. This kind of purchasing due to the small quantity, purchasing in supplier's voice is small, the price does not generally have an advantage, purchasing special passive. And the material is various, delivery, logistics requirements of response speed faster. Today, professional manufacturer of flexible packaging packing will give our Shared a real case, this is a customer in the process of seeking packaging upgrade and let's communicate and see if you meet the same problem how to do it. A background, problem, packaging manufacturers A F for hardware products manufacturer, OEM bags, in recent years because of F the company order quantity decline year by year, the packing bag of packaging manufacturer from A to F quality is deteriorating year by year. The incoming material - The forbidden cast - Batch of back - Return to check - Replenishment may supply from scratch again after each other, serious influence and produce power. In recent years, the stick to collaboration in touch, for A company, is expected to enter the global top 500 F the company's supply chain, A travel company itself in the bearing industry. Thin and for F company, due to the amount of interest, not price, there is no alternative to OEM factory. Second, the problem how to deal with you, suppose you are F the company's procurement, facing this with uneasiness, change not to drop the suppliers, how to is good? This packing inside also opened a violent talk about packing is as follows: 1, the concession to accept risk, quality problems do not compromise the customer complaints, supplier mood is generally good, but there is no lack Yin in Yang), the status of the engagements. Often appear problem, not new employees not familiar with the business, is the night shift, head off problems and so on. As procurement, to clear a truth, since the supplier willing to do, it must be profitable, so the quality problem can't compromise. Do not because of the reduced volume, also decreased. Product quality has nothing to do with how much content quantity, quality problem can't concessions to receive, or it will bring to the company customer complaint risk. 2, state of mind to choose all like F A company's suppliers, according to its own funds, equipment, production capacity and other factors, have to make the high quality product, just top meet seriously, the scene processing is A strong sense of responsibility, quality never marching in. Therefore assume that both ends are voluntarily continued collaboration, is necessary for the quality of the follow-up status of open further to talk about. In terms of the case, has produced continues, explain each other voluntary work, why do owe good, careful questioning on both ends of the demand, find the question crux, assuming unwilling collaboration, that quickly look for alternative source of supply. Is the so-called life is like a play all by acting. As procurement, from time to time to broaden the category of the supplier company in the future business, talk about the future may have more cooperation opportunities, and to find a way to use large amount of other or future profit points must be order to protect the supply contact layer, and xiao zhi Daniel, pain of eli, rob promote leadership to enhance communication between the two sides, in the process of implementation, assume the boss focus on more expect to improve business deadlock. Can see, this kind of materials should be a bottleneck for enterprise supplies, although value is not high, but the number of suppliers, they should contact with suppliers to set up long time cooperation, increase the purchase batch, let suppliers meet, under the condition of the company purchase policies allow, adhere to the high inventory, to stick to the business enterprise to produce normal operation. 3, fines, take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure in daily business, some purchasing always to usurp the role of party a, the supplier of strictures, frequently fine, especially when quality problems, in order to compensate the acquirer to lose, but in this case, assume fines, penalties, several times higher than the order amount may well lead suppliers have collaboration, who will not do business at a loss. Once the supply not only to maintain good relationship between supply and make the cooperation came to an end, is undoubtedly fatal influence on party a's. In this case, small amount of single match degree is the primary reason is tied to suppliers. Meet spell list, purchase, price, strengthen the brand effect, are able to consider the plan. 4 only supply source, looking for alternative supply source for acquisition, sometimes really will let you have a kind of not feeling, sometimes to buy really need comments on the necessity of the development and normalize supply and adjust business direction, once the introduction of competition, suppliers cooperation degree will be improved accordingly. There is also a situation is, of course, after trying to, really unable to find alternative source of supply, demand is demand internal reflection at this moment, is whether it is itself the product to be iterative. 5 small orders, order note have considerations, for suppliers, input and output is proportional to the hard, assuming that the short-term market demand to be punctual, to be able to consider order note when appropriate margin has been left, and negotiate with suppliers share good returns, after receiving the goods, produce to meet the quality requirements as the prerequisite, any non-conforming unconditional return. For example, in accordance with the requirements should be 1000, 1110 order note, leave allowance for quality, quality nonconforming do return processing. 6, delivery quality compensation share share, negotiating with supplier delivery quality compensation standards for allowable receiving share of ninety-eight percent, discuss the punctual replenishment two percent fine products. After we use the supplier & other; Perception model & throughout; To interpret this case.
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