Simple introduction PE bag packing

by:Kolysen     2020-08-01
Now used in the market and circulation in the bag, there is a big are some PE bag is also high pressure bag. Because this kind of bag has the advantages of high trusted by many businesses. This kind of PE bag not only has high corrosion resistance, high degree of bearing, low cost, low price advantage, also be a kind of environmental protection bag, so a lot of businesses and consumers are fond of using and buying this bag, as the packing bag of bulk products and other products. The PE bag, if classified according to the raw materials are used to, can be divided into PE is divided into LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE, etc. But suppose that, in accordance with the production technology to classification, can be divided into these categories: punching bag, valve bag, arm in arm bag, PE bag, zipper bag, folder chain bag, envelope bag, PE film, etc. And in the market, if we want to buy so the PE bag, can according to the volume to buy, can also according to a takeover. These different kinds of PE bags, although use scale widely, but the false ideas directly to food packaging, also need to choose this kind the most environmentally friendly.
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