Should tell you how to choose appropriate plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-21
Tell you how to choose appropriate plastic bags release time: 2019 - 10 - 09 often use plastic bags in our daily life, whether it's go to the supermarket for shopping or the need to use it to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, can say that our life is inseparable from it, but when we choose plastic bags there is some misunderstanding need our attention. The first big error, the thicker the plastic bags as strong as possible. In our life, we often see all kinds of plastic bags, so bags must be all right. In fact not so, plastic bags have strict standards, especially used in food packaging bags, must choose normal manufacturer production, with related department for examination and approval of qualified products. Food with plastic bags must be marked with words. To the light can see the plastic is clean. Qualified plastic bags is very clean, without impurities, and inferior point of plastic bags will see dirty and impurities. The thickness of the single plastic bag must be 0. More than 025 mm. Second myth, plastic packaging of colorful, choose color packing more beautiful. Although plastic bags color is a lot of more phyletic, but when we choose to be cautious, if only for items of plastic packaging, from the consideration on the color, must choose color is simple, so at least it fewer additives. The third big misunderstanding, repeated use plastic bags. There are a lot of families are in the habit of storing waste plastic bags, in fact, for as long as pay attention to the cleanliness and the use of waste plastic bags is ok, but don't do the waste plastic bags used for food contact, it will produce chronic damage to our health. Hope the above three options about the pitfalls of plastic packaging bags for everyone's life is of certain help, let our life become more health, but also better for our service in order to make the plastic bags. A: liaoning 12 supervision inspection teams to visit the company guidance work next up: the specifications of the aluminum foil bag as well as the relevant features
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