Shanghai implement garbage classification: what junk food packaging bags belong to?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-27
Garbage classification is everyone should have responsibility and obligation, according to the data showed that the urban per capita waste generated life every day is about 0. 66公斤~ 2。 62 kg, with an average of 1. 16 kg, rural data is not the same to 1. 16 kg, about 1. 4 billion people in China, the production of about 1. 6 million tons of waste each day. 30 days per month, 12 months of the year, so the total waste generated in the more than 1 year. 02 trillion tons. Is striking, one trillion tons of garbage, covered area can reach hundreds of square kilometers, if allow them to throw the rubbish everywhere, not only increase the workload of the environmental protection department, also can increase the pollution of the environment index, the passage of time we live in a city will be swallowed up by the garbage. Garbage classification: reduce the waste of some material is not easy to degrade, make land severely eroded. Garbage classification, remove the degradation of material can be recycled, not easily, reduce the amount of waste of more than 60%. To reduce pollution at present, a lot of garbage disposal in China with the method of sanitary landfill and even simple landfill, take up tens of thousands of acres of land; And insect flies flying, sewage, stinking, serious environmental pollution. Waste plastics in the soil will result in agricultural production; Abandon the waste plastics are eating an animal, the accident that resulted in the deaths of animals. So recycling can also harm reduction. Every year in China using the plastic waste snack box 4 billion, 5 ~ 700 million, li riceses leave billions of pairs of disposable chopsticks, these account for 8 to 15% of household garbage. One ton of waste plastics can recycle 600 kilograms of diesel. 1500 tons of waste paper recycling, can from cut trees used in the production of 1200 tons of paper. A ton of cans can form a ton of good after melting aluminum, can be less in 20 tons of aluminum. Living garbage in 30% ~ 40% can be recycled, should cherish the small Italian resources. You can also use cans make pen boxes, already environmental protection, and save resources. And other substances in the garbage can also be converted into resources, such as food, vegetation, and fabric can compost, production of organic fertilizer; Can waste incineration power generation, heating or cooling; Brick and tile, lime soil can processing ChengJianCai etc. Mixing of various solid wastes is trash, sorting is open resources. If we can fully exert recycling waste contains resources potential, only Beijing can obtain the economic benefits of 1. 1 billion yuan each year. Waste generated in the visible, consumptive link if timely classify, recycling is the best way to solve the problem of garbage. Know the garbage classification, according to the classification criteria of article 4 of the rules of Shanghai living garbage management are as follows: ( A) Recycling refers to waste paper, waste plastics, waste glass products, scrap metal, waste such as the fabric is suitable for recycling and recycled waste; ( 2) Hazardous waste refers to waste battery, waste paint tubes, waste drugs, and their container to human health or the natural environment such as the waste caused by direct or potential harm life; ( 3) Wet garbage, namely perishable rubbish, is refers to the food waste, leftovers, expired food, melon is the stone of the fruit, flower green plant biomass waste of life, such as traditional Chinese medicine liquid to perishable; ( 4) Dry garbage, or other garbage, it is to point to in addition to wet garbage recycling, hazardous waste, other than a waste of life. Specific living garbage classification standards, can according to the level of economic and social development, the living garbage characteristics and disposal of used need to be adjusted. Like dried fruit, nuts, potato chips, such as food packaging bags belong to the plastic waste, recycling, food bag is with food-grade plastic film production, general for more than two layers of composite packaging bags. These waste plastic can be after artificial screening classification, pass, granulation, modified process, such as into a variety of transparent and opaque plastic particles, then carried out in accordance with the quality of classification, finally become can use again reworked material and waste solid shape fuel used to generate electricity. Summary of the benefits of garbage classification is obvious. After they sort the garbage was sent to a factory instead of landfills, not only save the land, and to avoid the pollution produced by landfill or burned, still can waste. The battle of human and garbage, people put the rubbish from the enemy into a friend. So the garbage classification collection can reduce garbage processing and processing equipment, reduce the processing cost, reduce the consumption of land resources, has three aspects of social, economic and ecological benefits.
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