Several blunders that plastic bags you have to know

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
At present, the society, on the Internet about the safety of plastic packaging bags, health has a lot of misunderstanding. Today, the professional manufacturer of flexible packaging packaging chose some typical statement one by one, hope to be able to handle our concerns. A, & other Plastic & throughout; 、“ Ban plastic & throughout; , why a lot of use of plastic packaging? “ Plastic & throughout; Refers to the state limit yield and the use of thickness of less than 0. 025 mm below the plastic shopping bags. With two handle plastic shopping bags refers to the plastic bag, no handle bags, such as stick bone bag, peg bag, flat pocket, even the volume bag, etc. No restrictions. “ Ban plastic & throughout; Is the administrative rules of some provinces banned plastic bags. “ Plastic & throughout; 、“ Ban plastic & throughout; Not for all plastic bags. So far in succession, the plastic is still the most widely used in daily life planning, function is best, the most convenient, cheap, one of the most energy saving, environmental protection materials, plastic products can only use English is becoming more and more wide use range is more and more. As for & other; Plastic & throughout; 、“ Ban plastic & throughout; The cause of The General Office of the State Council ( 2007). No. 72 document said very clearly, very objective: & other; Plastic shopping bags at together to supply customers with convenient, because of excessive use and recycling does not reach the designated position, also poses a serious power waste and environmental pollution. Especially ultra-thin plastic shopping bags a brief damaged, mostly is randomly losing, become & lsquo; White pollution & rsquo; The primary origin. ” In fact, is the leading cause of white pollution. Second, the plastic packaging in a lot of plasticizer, the best to use less plastic? This is a serious misunderstanding, commonly used in the plastic packaging can add plasticizer of PVC soft products demand ( Plasticizer) , the vast majority of plastic packaging contains no plasticizer. Third, plasticizer poisonous? Plasticizer cause cancer? Can answer these questions: many kinds of plasticizers, cannot be compared, some poisonous and some non-toxic, some have carcinogenicity, some not. Have the toxicity and carcinogenicity, to the harm of people also have very big difference. From the point of toxicology, a foreign compounds can form toxic or carcinogenic general to people together with at least three conditions, and be short of one cannot, one is to have a meet dose, dose short is not set up; Second, the foreign compounds in what shape and the shape of the physical and chemical properties, many harmful substances under a certain shape, harmless under another shape; Three is foreign compounds and contact method, is to see, or skin touch, inhalation, or eat into the stomach, and absorption, and so on. Assume, therefore, some people say that some foreign compounds are toxic, on certain occasions may be carcinogenic, he also can say the above three conditions of relevant information, so perhaps he said is of course, maybe, we can again a little bit further advice until approval. Assume that all three conditions, temporary don't believe, not preach, wait to find out. Because of science of toxicology in toxicology test support, not estimate. As for concluded that more cluttered than toxicity, carcinogenicity needs careful planning crowd epidemic query to conclude, animal test only long life test were recognized as safe according to. These queries and the test is not short, therefore can cause shock experiment was carried out first, to start to estimate its carcinogenicity. Assume that doesn't even have to change test do, with what said some carcinogenic under the condition of some kind of plastic have? All things for food packaging, containers, plastic products, they use materials and additives is necessary after the safety and health indicators, agree with relevant national standards and food touch near plastic products, produced in the factory after pass test fit state or operation standard of safety and health indicators, such as mineral water barrels, etc. ; Together from their factory to produce according to the operation permit conditions on hardware and software requirements for plant improvement, product sampling inspection, after passing quality inspection section view, getting food produce permit card, to adjust in enough food with plastic products; QS logo In the future, these enterprises and products also often subject to supervision of the qc part and look at it. Regular production enterprises have QS logo plastic products is able to use the centering. 4, how to make the harm of plasticizer on falling down again? 1, to strengthen the new of low toxicity, non-toxic plasticizer of research and development and use, accelerate the process of replacement or choose toxic plasticizer. 2, food demand use of plasticizer in plastic products, production enterprise is necessary to produce severe treatment and the quality of products, the quality of the whole process is not qualified products, are unsafe products shall not factory. For this purpose, will work to strengthen self-discipline, to strengthen the rule of supervision, strengthen the supervision of society and media. 3, as customers, to realize the normal manufacturer have QS logo products, don't be cheap. 4, identify food use plastic logo right. The use of different plastics have different requirements, the mineral water barrels, water bottles and other products have a logo on the bottom, is often in the plastic wrap with paper instructions, in accordance with the requirements for this kind of plastic materials used, not disorderly use is safe.
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