Self-sealing bags recycled? Look how packaging manufacturer said.

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03

says on the market at present for the valve bag, everyone not unfamiliar, someone call it the zipper bag, someone called his bone bag also some people call it the chain bag, call are various, and it is not promise, in numerous bags occupies a lot of market share, literally, in the food packaging industry, the market share of the self-styled bag at least occupy more than 70%, however, such a big market and capacity, the environment pressure is not small, used on the market at present most of the self-styled bag or title, an interpretation of the plastic material for the ecological environment, is also a big hidden trouble, and his valve bag products if objects can, circulation use it for many times, not only can reduce the pollution of the environment, can also be prepared a lot of other products. Packaging manufacturer after valve bag products recycling, actually can be prepared a lot of products, such as garbage bags, plastic boxes, barrels, pipe, plastic stools, chairs, decorating plate, bar, etc. , some can also be made by modified plastic products & other; Alloy & throughout; Products, its performance even more than the resin of some physical properties of the original, in fact as long as don't involve food hygiene and specific indicators of plastic valve bag, can use recycled plastic particles.

the recycling of valve bag should be the concern of face, is now the world plastic products production has been more than 100 million tons per year according to the volume meter above the iron and steel production, in reviewing progress in polymer materials science and engineering, its development is encouraging. In excited worryingly, however, behind the high yield means that there will be a large number of corresponding polymer wastes shall, in the face of such a large polymer materials products production and accumulation of high polymer material is a concentration of less resistance to aging and difficult to thoroughly decomposed by & other; Stubborn & throughout; At a suit, if cannot be effectively adopted the policy of recycling, large quantity of waste polymer will one day be seriously deteriorate the natural environment, destroy the earth's ecology, plant growth, endanger so recycling plastic bags including the self-styled bag is very worthy of attention subject. Everybody in the use of bags, whether merchants or customers should be considered in the bags to maximize the utilization of the largest extent, and try their best to put these bags recycled, reduce the bags made of pollution to the environment.

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