Self-reliance bags leak

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
Self-reliance bags in the market and get the favour of many food manufacturers, dried fruit, nuts or other puffed food is neither do choose self-reliance bags, mainly self-reliance bags in all kinds of values are balanced, shelf display effect is very obvious. The requirement is not as strict as high temperature cooking bags, vacuum bags, you just need to have a certain air tightness and moisture resistance. But we are bound to occur in the process of using, bag sealing is not sealed air leakage problems, lead to product quality becomes poor, affect the user experience, how to introduce the accurate judgment under the independent packing bag air tightness. A, sealing problems affect packaging sealing has three factors: sealing pressure, temperature and time. Packing bag factory will set aside a mouth, convenient filling and sealing products, in the sealing knife under constant pressure, temperature too low or too high, can lead to bags sealing is not strong, leakage occurred. Under the condition of same temperature is moderate, heat sealing length of time may also affect, sealing strong degree. Normally use hot air blower manufacturer recommended value can be, unless the bag slants thin or thick, it's need to adjust the parameters of the heat sealing machine. Second question bag, bag manufacturers problem two: composite strength, zippers. Packaging composite strength is lower, it is easy to cause the bag layers, thus affecting the whole air tightness of the packaging bags. The other part of William gallas on packaging chain will be much thicker than the other parts of the hot sealing, if the sealing knife pressure is not enough, sealing side is not solid, the bag is very easy to leak. If it is problem two, then must contact negotiate processing packaging manufacturer. Early in order to avoid problems with the packaging the product itself, it is suggested that to find experienced packaging manufacturers. Other questions about self-reliance bags can contact our customer service.
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