Selected myth packaging remind you don't get caught up in plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-23
Plastic products, especially the plastic bags in our daily life everywhere, within easy reach, but many people choose to use due to the lack of professional knowledge in product there is a misunderstanding. The thicker the myth, plastic bags, the better. Many people choose to use plastic bags when wrong think, feel, the more thick, the stronger, the better the quality. Actually otherwise, the country of all kinds of plastic packaging product specification is a harsh standards and requirements, especially for plastic bags used in food packaging bags, avoid by all means must choose normal plastic bag manufacturers products, to ensure safety. Secondly, for the light to see plastic bags, qualified products are clean, no stains, impurity and inferior product. Plastic bags as usual single thickness should be 0. More than 025 mm. Mistake 2, in the face of color plastic bags, mistakenly assume that color is beautiful better. The color of the plastic bag is in the process of plastic packaging bags manufacturer processing adulterated the app application of chemical materials, and relative color beautiful component content higher and higher, so the color ways, suggest you choose the color in our daily life is relatively simple, so much the plastic bag containing chemical additives are relatively less. Myth 3, plastic bags when repeated use without distinction, the existence of the potential harm of the body. Trust many people have stored the repeated use of waste plastic bags used in secondary custom, is nothing wrong with this, but do not will waste plastic bags, even looking at special is very clear plastic bags, used in food packaging and contact directly. Due to the plastic products in contact with food it produces chemical reaction, which produce toxic or harmful substances, to the body health hazard.
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