Say how to produce kraft paper valve bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-09
With the improvement of people's quality and cultural level, more and more people more advocate green and environmental protection concept of consumption. People in the required paper work and constantly improve the structure at the same time, gradually focused on the paper bag in the aspect of environmental protection and beautiful performance. Thus produced by using new material processing in a paper bag & ndash; — Brown paper bag has become the favour of people. “ Brown paper bag & throughout; Is a kind of composite materials ( Kraft paper) Processing and bags. Due to the brown paper bag material is non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection features, therefore & other; Brown paper bag & throughout; While meet the green consumption well-deserved become the internationally recognized environmental protection products. At home and abroad, major shopping malls, supermarkets everywhere & other; Brown paper bag & throughout; , he is like a small warrior, with in our daily life, help us to share the load of life. Size and different specifications according to the paper itself, a brown paper bag is divided into small white is a brown paper bag, medium brown paper bag, big bag. Small white kraft paper bagbags: this paper fully USES the assembly-line molding machine, stick on the rope. Short time limit, fast efficiency and low cost, so the bag generally has a wide application range and the economic benefits, is each family housewives will choose. Medium-sized paper bag is on the basis of making molding machine, using artificial rope way. Large bag in practice due to the limitation of machinery and equipment, can only adopt the way of pure handmade, thus to some extent, increased the cost of production, cost the resources and the efficiency is quite low. Seemingly simple brown paper bag, and its making process is not convenient. Treasure every paper bags that treasure a hard.
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