Safety needs to focus on food packaging materials

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03

food packaging quality is directly related with millions of people & other; The tip of the tongue on the safety & throughout; 。 In recent years, there are improper food packaging bags caused frequent security events, in this case, the emphasis on food packaging material safety is very important.

year end will come, around gradually strengthen the sampling inspection of food quality and safety, especially in food packaging materials. Recent food sampling observation of quality and safety in the process of found several food bags are solvent quantity to exceed bid, some even reached the standard of eight times, it is understood that the food food packaging materials with plastic products, paper products, tableware detergent and electric heating food processing equipment and so on four kind of food related products, percent of pass is an average of 97. 6%.

like food packaged in plastic and paper products processing and process control is lax, part of the plastic and paper packaging, ink printing process control is lax, or use recycled paper to add fluorescent whitening agent, can lead to solvent residual, acetaldehyde content, fluorescent substances and load-bearing performance indicators such as unqualified.

and food packaging printing ink pollution has become one of the leading causes of infant and young child blood lead paint. Food packaging materials need to be more attention, found the problem, trying to identify the risk rising as a starting point and the foothold of food regulatory selectiving examination work is the basis of the positive use of reliable food and related product testing technical support.

the real risk in food packaging is food packaging in the process of direct contact with food, for packaging material sort is more, all kinds of chemicals from direct contact with food, under certain conditions of material in food packaging materials will migrate into the food, which endanger food safety

to ensure food safety depends on social organizations to participate in, to actively learn from the third food testing certification institution system of advanced management experience, introduce HACCP food safety system, further improve the GMP system, on food including packaging tracing and tracking mechanism, strive to source from the production, the sale to each link of the food packaging such as recycling regulation mechanism.

food packaging quality is directly related with millions of people & other; The tip of the tongue on the safety & throughout; , put the food packaging safety more important position, take strong measures to deal with seriously, minimize food packaging safety hidden trouble, safeguard people's health and food safety is the consensus of the society.

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