Sacks of rice after recycling can also be very modern rice bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-23
Impression to sell rice bag is always dirty, broken broken, printed with characters and pattern, let a person won't want to recycle it. But the woven bag production cost is low, actually durable, if can be design and packaging, can be beneficial to the brand, also can attract the user's packaging. But a company in Shanghai with woven bag as the core, to the concept of a rice packaging design. In the concept design, rice, though still use woven bag packing, but become more concise appearance, compared with the similar products on the market now, it is easier to attract the attention of consumers. In detail, the design of the packing seal takes into consideration the need of environmental protection and recycling. The packing bag of rice can still maintain the overlock state after unpacking, the bag won't smoke death and damage. And after flanging, the size of the woven bag also can become suitable for the shoulder, and a big bag inside preset straps, a few seconds, rice sacks will become fashionable environmental protection bags. This is the packaging of the biggest highlights of the. At present, however, had not heard of this kind of packing will put into commercial messages. If there is a brand adopted the idea, you will buy for such a packaging related brand of rice?
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