Our plastic packaging over 50% of the total food packaging materials

by:Kolysen     2020-07-07

related data shows that, in our country in food packaging materials, plastic are already more than 50% of the total food packaging materials. So what's the trend of food plastic bags? By rigid packaging to become lighter, more flexible packaging of environmental protection, food composite packaging film tend to be more functional, lightweight, biological packaging and biodegradable packaging, green, environmental protection, safe packaging auxiliary popular, these new trends and direction of innovation in food plastic packaging is to open up new situation. 【 Food bag]

food plastic packaging innovation trend of green, environmental protection, safety, portable

by rigid packaging to become lighter, more environmentally friendly flexible packaging

modern food packaging not only for food and content to provide physical protection, can also help extend the shelf life of food, to provide product information and brand image, more convenient consumers use daily. Compared with other packing materials and forms, such as glass, metal and hard plastic packaging, RuanSu packaging more environmental protection, save raw materials and transportation cost, so as to better meet the needs of modern packaging industry.

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