Ordinary food sack packaging manufacturer to tell you why can't cold

by:Kolysen     2020-07-31
Using frozen food bags for packing food can withstand minus 20 - Super low temperature 30 degrees, generally need to cryopreservation food are dumplings, quick-frozen steamed bread, Fried foods, dumplings, meat, etc. , the reason for cryopreservation in order to keep the food fresh and guarantee the shelf life of food, businesses in choosing a frozen food packaging must choose made of frozen composite material products, frozen material are usually with common food packaging materials have to distinguish between, and the price is relatively high, if you want to buy frozen food packaging bags, manufacturers to contrast the price you quoted is relatively low, and that it is recommended that you also don't buy, because of cheap goods is not good, imagine the same packaging, the price difference if a disparity has a problem? Some food packaging production manufacturer will use some qualitative plastic raw materials to produce, such as the reworked material, and took the somebody else don't waste materials on the ship, this not only reduce the quality of the products, also exist great hidden danger in food safety, frozen food packaging use plastic raw materials must be low pure raw frozen resistant plastic material, and packing, the printing effect is good.
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