OPP bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-21
The main material of OPP bags for OPP, Chinese name ( Polypropylene) Hereinafter referred to as & other; OPP bag & throughout; Density of 0. 96 'water, shaking film, sound crunchy, combustion flame is yellow blue, molten drop, away from the fire and smoke less, may continue to burn. Is characterized by high transparency, not two-way stretch of single chip can be folded in half and after stretched out of shape not easily, have a little strength, pincer-like device easy to tear. OPP bag for features such as high transparency, brittle, dust-proof, having the effect that improve value of packaged products, can fully show the inside of the product in the sales, so the OPP bag packaging products are often used in the sale of goods, protection, and have played an important role in landscaping products, use convenient, beautiful and easy. Widely used in electronics, toys, tableware, kitchen utensils, food, clothing, cosmetics, stationery, etc. OPP bag printing easy decoloring, need to do corona treatment ( Is a kind of electric shock treatment, it makes the surface of substrates has higher adhesion) To improve adhesion, and can be customized according to customer's requirements to print all kinds of design and the plane hole, the butterfly hole. Such as OPP card bag, OPP following from bag. New OPP use raw material for biodegradable material, its sealing is higher than the traditional OPP film, so that the moisture of their products, preservation sex is stronger, last longer. In the tobacco industry has already started to use new opp as packaging materials.
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