Only 30 grain feed dog food every day little teddy was hungry shock dog food bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-21
A 2 months old teddy dog was sent to the pet hospital, examined the dog was hungry shock. The owner of the original, teddy eat their teddy dogs can keep small body size, only 30 grain feed dog food every day, almost put the dog starved to death. Little teddy was host to the pet hospital, has been in a coma and whole body twitching, assay and found the dog severe anemia, 10% dehydration, malnutrition, is the result of chronic hunger. After the rescue, after more than taking glucose, slow over the dog. Teddy's owner Mr Zhang said he is a dog for the first time, want to have a small size teddy, when buying a dog merchant told him to less feed per day, fed twice a day, a total of 30 dog food, the puppy will grow up. The puppy home more than ten days, he fed according to this method, but teddy has mental state is bad, yesterday morning also eat a cockroach, no more than a moment just fainted, unexpectedly is hungry. Pet hospital doctors xu-dong song more than two months the teddy dog, should eat each meal 50 normal grain of dog food, have four meals a day, & other; This teddy a day eating, no other dog throughout more than a meal to eat &; 。 Song reminds, the pet body mainly depends on the variety, genetic and bone mass, so host don't give in pursuit of small cute pet food, reduction of pet more harm than good.
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