Milk aluminum bag heat causes aluminium poisoning even bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-10
Heat the milk packaging cause aluminium poisoning? Tangshan resident liu calls asked anxiously. , experts say, packed boiled milk does not cause excessive aluminum, but the best room temperature milk to drink. Liu, her son this year 4 years old, a kindergarten school in our city. Son to get up early every day to drink milk, is the kind of pillow pack came back from the supermarket, she often put the milk with a bag to soak in the hot water heating, or directly with the pot to boil water, put the milk bag in heating. Listen to the friend say with bags will cause the aluminum heat the milk poisoning, liu worried. Quizzed citizens randomly on the matter, reporters learned that drinking milk has become a living habits, many people can buy bags of milk and heat consumption of citizens is not in the minority. “ In order to save trouble, I often will milk bags together into the pot, heat the drink a little, this all into a habit, there is no problem! ” Ms. Wang said. And lee said, for fear of milk packaging that react when heated to dissolve toxic substances, and his family are all tore up milk bags, pour the milk into the pot. Interview, the reporter random tore open the packing bag of a bag of pillow filling, found that the packaging is composed of three kinds of material, the outermost layer is mainly paper material, the middle layer is thin thin soft metal, most with a layer of thin film. So, these substances under heating condition, will really react? Relevant professionals said that the most inside aluminum bag is a layer of polyethylene film, ordinary water boiling temperature is not enough to destroy the membrane. At the same time, the aluminum material is relatively stable, simple boiling not happen chemical reaction, so, even if the polyethylene film damage, also need not worry about the aluminum in aluminum foil can precipitate. In the case of packaging meet the national standards, packaging boiled milk does not cause excessive aluminum. While doctors say, the milk on the market are disinfected, room temperature is best. If the stomach is bad, like to drink hot milk, can be used in the heat for 3 minutes, high temperature and long time heating can make the protein in milk coagulation, affect the digestion and absorption. The doctor suggested that citizens, it is better to pour milk is heated in the container.
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