Mask packaging with what kind of packing bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-20
With the improvement of people's living quality, people has higher requirement for skin maintenance, so the mask products become a part of a lot of people in everyday life. But for mask manufacturers, select the appropriate mask packaging for the product sales and brand influence plays an important role. Put the mask with what kind of packaging, face film bags what kind of material is generally? In mask products on the market, all kinds of mask its packaging is also different, for the kinds of material, we can open the mask bag, if you can see there are reflective of a layer of material, this material is the aluminum foil, aluminum foil is an essential part of face film bags of a material is the only containers that can hold the mask material. So what's the shape mask bag is? Common is rectangular or square. That is our professional terms: three autoregulating, just as its name implies is three edge sealing is the time when the factory have a trilateral sealing good, leave a mouth after put the mask in the seal shall be conducted by customers themselves. Is the mask mask bag, necessities, mask packaging types you know how many? Mask bags will tell you about the mask bag type. Due to the particularity of the mask, you must avoid light, and sealing is close friends certainly, so the bags can only be used as the mask to produce aluminum foil bag. Due to different manufacturers therefore need to mask the print on the bag and product related introduction and company information, so you need to build the mask bag.
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