Mask packaging solid photosensitive resin version of material management

by:Kolysen     2020-06-27
1. Not on the uneven contact surface; Before the film exposure, can strip surface chip; After stripping, if excessive bending, it will wrinkle the protective layer, these wrinkles after exposure of plate making, leaves a stain. 2. Mask packaging materials that have already been. Be careful processing, bending with a piece of cardboard in the following. Chip light cover the top with the original surface. 3. Mask bags after washing version of wet plate. Avoid contact with the resin surface, otherwise it will form a stain. Processing, avoid inhalation of solvent vapors. 4. Mask packaging materials after drying. On the flat surface contact, make its cooling, don't touch the resin layer, prevent the sunlight irradiation or other uv light irradiation.
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