Mask packaging: fake mask printing anti-counterfeiting mark

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11

baiyun district finally kicked two bad cosmetics production base

the guangzhou baiyun district food drug administration jolt, have brought down two fake cosmetics production, storage, black sites, one batch of fake mask & other; Born & throughout; In a considered the rent the house, the wholesale price of every partial membrane minimum need to pay one yuan.

the media exposure, a workshop crane dragon street suspected unlicensed production of fake mask. According to the report, the workshop a row house, hidden in the house in a small room is filled with all kinds of carton sundry. Law enforcement officers arrived, a man is packed in packaging machine skilled suppression of the mask. A plastic container packaging machine, thick shape of unknown objects, bathroom stacked with all kinds of bottled additives and colorants, kegs of raw material is put in the toilet.

in the production and sales of the mask, customers were reached tens of thousands of pieces, the wholesale price can be cheaper to one yuan a piece. Also on a mask packaging & other; Security & throughout; Mark, producers also create fake website for consumers & other; Verify & throughout; 。

confirmed by the mask brands check, workshop production of mask and real product similar appearance, but in some random deployment from chemical raw materials. These fake mask can lead to consumers appear adverse reactions such as eczema, allergies, or even cause skin lesions.

after receiving reports, baiyun district food drug administration law enforcement immediately to investigate the black sites. Law enforcement officials were found at the scene a manual filling machine, a hot film machine, a small amount of cosmetic raw materials, and 10 cases & other WSMM small mask & throughout; The finished product.

of the infringed guangzhou kang biotechnology co. , LTD. , the scene, the appraisal report issued by the identification of the cosmetics for fake it fake and inferior products of the company. Involved in the scene has not obtained relevant cosmetics production license. Law enforcement personnel in accordance with the law of product and production equipment to be detained and closing the place, the case is still under further investigation.

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