Mask packaging design production common problems

by:Kolysen     2020-07-05
A solid, face film bags of photosensitive resin plate management 1. Face film bags can't on the uneven contact surface; Before the film exposure, can strip surface chip; After stripping, if excessive bending, it will wrinkle the protective layer, these wrinkles after exposure of plate making, leaves a stain. 2. Mask packaging materials that have already been. Be careful processing, bending with a piece of cardboard in the following. Chip light cover the top with the original surface. 3. Mask bags after washing version of wet plate. Avoid contact with the resin surface, otherwise it will form a stain. Processing, avoid inhalation of solvent vapors. 4. Mask packaging materials after drying. On the flat surface contact, make its cooling, don't touch the resin layer, prevent the sunlight irradiation or other uv light irradiation. , printing film of face of 2 bags how correct dilution ink printing film bags began to dilute, must add dedicated thinner in new Mexico, make to suitable for printing ink viscosity. Correct dilution method is to stir the printing ink, and slowly pour into solvent, because of the ink pigment particles are encapsulated inside the resin and uniformly distributed in the whole system, if use more than the amount of solvent and rapidly diluted, ink by the impact, often make uniform distribution of pigment particles bare state, lose the gloss and transparency, cause a decrease in the printing effect. Three, mask alignment correction device packet classification at present, the medium and high-grade gravure machine adopts alignment correction device is usually divided into two kinds: one kind is roller position by adjusting the compensation, to increase or shorten the strip length to achieve alignment: another kind is driven by motor through the planetary gear differential mode, directly drive the print cylinder, adjust the print drum phase to achieve alignment. Four, mask packaging albino actually, whitening mask packaging refers to the phenomenon of ink film to bleach, the phenomenon and can be divided into solvent bleaching phenomenon of the two kinds of bleaching and resin. Mask packaging factory is introduced, its bleaching mainly has two kinds: 1. Solvent bleaching. This albino phenomenon found in alcohol sex ink, when humidity is high, due to the latent heat of evaporation of the solvent, near ink film can be cool, make water infiltrated, cause the printing MoBai. When using the high latent heat of evaporation of the solvent, of course, more prone to the phenomenon. 2. Resin bleaching. Balance when printing ink solvents in bad, true solvent volatilization, first and dilute the residual in printing ink, can make the ink, resin precipitation precipitation in bleaching. Five, mask packaging copper corrosion problems face film bags copper is in heavy chromate sensitizing carbon paper drying system of gravure grid first, in the production of continuous adjustable Yang figure, then put the carbon paper image is transferred to the roller, through development, complete version made by corrosion medium. Mask packaging copper due to due mainly controlled by the artificial directly, so the plate stability, field density uniformity, reprint, word definition are poor repeatability, generally only used in common plastic flexible packaging printing.
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