Mask packaging design principles

by:Kolysen     2020-06-24
Mask packaging design is the important step in the process of face film bag production, how about the quality of the design effect is directly related to consumption of confidence in the product. Mask bag is like a woman's coat, the fashionable tide is different every year, popular element emerge in endlessly. The mask packaging design needs to pay attention to what the principle, need to pay attention to what problem. First, want to consider the function of the mask, design elements can highlight its characteristics. Second, the mask bag style is unified whole, color coordination, to pure and fresh and natural, elegant fashion. Third, mask packaging design can best accomplish outstanding theme, profound meaning, can look to make a good impression. Fourth, mask packaging design also notice the label content is complete, including product name, manufacturer's name and address, net content, production date and shelf life or production batch number and date of use, within a production enterprise of health license number and product standard, etc. , check whether there is a wrong character, and so on.
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