Mask packaging color design skills

by:Kolysen     2020-06-24
Mask packaging color skills should be from the following attention: one is the color and facial mask packaging are to take care of the relationship, the second is the contrast of color and color itself. These two points is the key to color application key. This in the packaging design coloring on the frequency of the most, the size of the most widely used. In many graphic design ( Refers to the poster, hanging picture book or situation) Very common. So-called depth control, design should be refers to the color depth on two colors at the same time subtly out now a picture, and produce class contrast harmonic perspective effect. Usually use to lay a foundation as the light of large area, and on it with dark composition, for example, pale yellow, with brown to composition, or used in shades of brown yellow or white pattern lines; Also like to lay a foundation with pale green; The composition of green; To lay a foundation of pink; Big red composition; Light grey to lay a foundation of; The composition of black soap, and so on. These are the application of color shades, with this kind of situation we can in some cosmetics on packaging design on the package or on the packaging of some western wine, especially wine packaging is most common in Western Europe.
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