Mask packaging: black sites essence preservative counterfeiting famous film of face of infrared date code

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
International and domestic brands of popular mask is one of the urban white-collar favorite skincare, counterfeiters are also eyeing this market, the tap water, essence and preservative produce low-quality counterfeit mask. Guangzhou province pledges inspect bureau joint supervision law enforcement personnel, in baiyun district, guangzhou has seized a use the bad material manufacture counterfeit mask dens. Live according to the law enforcement officers seized 47600 katakana brand mask, involving a value of nearly 400000 yuan. Guangzhou city pledges inspect bureau is currently the case related to the local public security organ for transfer formalities. Law enforcement officers found at the scene, & other; Hydrating & throughout; 、“ Moisturizing & throughout; Such as liquid is mainly composed of water, oil, essence and preservative, insert the power, through the automatic sealing machine to seal, with infrared printer finally will play up production date and model, and then, into the box. According to introducing, the mask is direct contact with human body skin care products, the standard provisions of the state, in the production of face film workshop must meet health requirements. Law enforcement officers on the scene to see, however, the workshop sanitation is relatively poor, masks, fluid in turbid state in the package, there is a floater. This liquid is the earliest after mixing with a stick in a VAT, VAT of inside and outside are filthy. A machine is rusty, but there is a white paste machine, the workers said, is to put the mask with the essence of blending materials. Concerned expert points out, some fake mask in order to guarantee not gone mouldy, tend to add one called hydroxyl benzoic acid esters preservatives, p-hydroxybenzoic acid ester is a common preservative ingredient, facial contact for a long time can damage skin sebum membrane, reduce sebum secretion function, osculatory sex dermatitis caused by dry skin, and other potential hazards. May be found at the scene of suspicious objects hydroxybenzoic acid ester.
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