Mask film for shopping website sales mask bag

by:Kolysen     2020-06-19
Yangcheng evening news reporter Jessie: don't think shopping website up & other Quality goods & throughout; Words are really authentic, this year, police in central scroll & other; 3 2' Special crackdown on actions brought down a sale of counterfeit goods in the dens, seized fake aupres brand mask bags more than 20000, involved in the value of nearly 100000 yuan, and these fake mask in a shopping website has been for sale. , according to police in central scroll in April this year, forensic team get a clue, is situated at no. 1, golden phoenix road west, hong jiangxi packaging materials co. , LTD. , is a large manufacturing counterfeit famous brand mask bags, and selling in a shopping website. Due to the packing bag of the chief suspect in the dens self-knowledge production did not get the authorization of the original manufacturer, are fakes, production site is rented. For camouflage, at ordinary times the factory doors and Windows, as far as possible into the cargo shipment is very subtle. After a period of time investigation, central scroll the police found out the basic staff of the dens. On April 13, forensic team quickly organized forces to inventory verification of the dens, alleged on the spot the fake aupres brand 20300 mask bag and 4 copper plate used for printing, and back to those involved in the five people. After the interrogation, the suspect Xie Mou Lin, CAI some illegal and criminal confessed to the production and sale of counterfeit goods. Account since August 2014, two people received orders through a shopping website, QQ contact customer, when they are in accordance with customer requirements well model, the client is very satisfied, then place an order for the 30000 film of face of bag, and gave the deposit.
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