Many food bag use sealing zipper, what's the difference between them?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-04
No matter in the supermarket shelves or convenience store we can see a lot of food packaging will add a seal zipper, the main purpose is to increase the reusability of packet and convenient people when he doesn't finish eating food, it can be sealed up, convenient to eat next time won't affect the taste of the food because of be affected with damp be affected with damp, increase user experience of product. So many businesses choose to do food zipper bag. So what's the difference between a food zipper bag? In the process of custom how do we choose? Food sealing zipper there are two kinds, one is & other; Bilateral zipper & throughout; Respectively, both sides sealing strip with internal heat sealing bag, use when just tear up heat seal, when not only from the left side of the bag sealing strip with finger slightly to the right a hard pull can, even if is in the process of production is no good heat sealing packaging, bilateral zippers have played an important role in double seal, is undoubtedly to the quality of our products for more than an important safeguard. Of course, we don't want to happen like this. ( Bilateral zipper kaifeng style) Another is & other; Single side zippers & throughout; , only one side sealing strip and the inner heat seal joint. We usually choose bags on the back as sealing zipper joint part, unlike the bilateral zipper, in use process need to open a hole from outside, so that to ensure the sealing function, as well as in the case of not to undermine the bag ascend the whole packet. But if in the process of production without heat sealing good, there will be no like bilateral unilateral zipper bag zipper bag that have the effect of protection. ( Unilateral zipper kaifeng style) Unilateral zipper bag mainly use in eight edge-sealing bag type, as in some high-end products and businesses bag comparison pay attention to integrity, it is recommended to use more item zipper bags, such as eight edge-sealing tea bags, eight edge-sealing candy packaging, eight edge-sealing pet food packaging bags, etc. The bilateral zipper is seen we use one of the most three edge sealing and sealing zipper is mainly used for self-supporting bag.
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