Many customers are not satisfied: custom food packaging bags, minimum quantity why so high?

by:Kolysen     2021-01-18
Small make up recently, and some of the company's sales manager, I got all a unified response problem: a lot of clients feel custom food sack the minimum quantity is very high, don't feel satisfied, can not accept! All hope that the first batch of small custom, so that the customer also will feel less pressure. Reason for the high is the minimum quantity of an order for food packaging bags, small make up today and we explain the specific reasons and custom upfront what should be paid attention to: one, specific reasons 1, technical bottleneck: now now, most of the food packaging printing technology is to use gravure printing, printed bag is very beautiful, but there are obvious shortcomings is edition fee is too high. If only do thousands of bags, I'm afraid the version of the costs are higher than the cost of bags, including frequent change version of the loss, outage cost, labor, etc. , not a manufacturer is acceptable. So packaging can do, the more the more cost savings. 2, loss problem: we use the printing machine is high speed printer, one minute can print about 200 meters, if the amount of not doing enough, haven't finished a roll of material, including frequent change version, in the concluding, in printing ink, color proofing and a series of process, probably need more than three hours, the loss is very big, may reach more than 50%, this is any manufacturer can not accept. 3, the shelf life of raw materials: in order to ensure the quality of food packaging bags, we used raw materials are ordered now. To use a roll of material, the rest of the material may be discarded. Two, the early stage of the custom should be paid attention to because of minimum quantity is big, many customers are concerned about the quality of food packaging bags, so choose our packaging manufacturers, depends on the scale of production, quality and packaging printing sample. We are specializing in the production of food packaging 17 years; And we have a team of experienced design team, product design, can be one to one free for you to meet your needs; And we will have 24 hours online service, if you have any questions at any time can look for us; We will also guarantee delivery time, absolutely don't delay your time. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!
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