Manufacturer to provide an overview of the classification and the use of packaging

by:Kolysen     2020-07-25
Factory overview of the classification of the packaging and use time: 2019 - 07 - 24 with the progress of industry constantly, make packaging products, there are a lot of bags are made of composite material, then what kind of common in composite packaging materials are there? And what is the distinguishing feature of these composites and USES? Listen to packaging manufacturer the following detailed introduction for you. Actually a lot of kinds of materials together hand in composite materials, composite board is an example. Packaging has a lot of kinds, such as paper, cloth, plastic, a lot of kinds. Materials are divided into fiber, polypropylene, PE and so on. The kinds of composite packaging, the raw material of membrane outside several: printing film, composite membrane, membrane can direct contact with the product. 1, printing film common printing film including: PET ( Polyester film) The thickness of the commonly used for 12 microns, BOPP/Matt BOPP ( Two-way stretching polypropylene film/extinction two-way stretching polypropylene membrane) 25 micron thickness commonly used there are 18 microns, and 28 micron, and so on, Nylon - BOPA( Two-way stretch nylon membrane) The thickness of the commonly used for 15 microns. 2, composite film bags manufacturer, common composite membrane are PE ( Polyethylene film) - 25 microns in thickness 150 microns, the CPP ( Cast polypropylene film) Thickness can be adjusted freely, VMPET ( Aluminium coated polyester film) The thickness of the commonly used for 12 microns, VMCPP ( Vacuum aluminum plating cast polypropylene) Thickness can be adjusted freely, AL ( The full name of Aluminum foil) 7 microns thickness is commonly, some printing film can also be used in the middle as a composite membrane, such as PET and Nylon BOPA film. 3, can be in direct contact with the product film, especially the food and drug, PE film, CPP film, VMCPP membrane can be directly into the innermost contact food, they are safe, but the request must be food grade raw material film. Buyers in the process of purchasing, it will be a great value we use safety of the raw materials, such as whether it is food grade, whether there is a variety of certification, such as the FDA, CE certification, conditional companies can do more certification, improve customer's trust. A: to tell you how to identify the vacuum bags material next article: tell you printing packaging need to pay attention to
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