Main trend about safe food plastic packaging bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-30
At present, China's food packaging materials, plastic are already more than 50% of the total food packaging materials, among the top of the all kinds of packaging materials, the vast majority of plastic food packaging can't recycle, causing environmental damage. Therefore, we should vigorously develop green packaging. And all sorts of food packing also have their own characteristics at present our country food packaging materials, plastic are already more than 50% of the total food packaging materials, among the top of the all kinds of packaging materials. The vast majority of plastic food packaging cannot be recycled. ASD company's latest research report shows that our country average per person a day with all kinds of plastic packaging bags 5 & ndash; Eight, for the most part of disposable plastic bags, disposable plastic bags every year in China consumes about 1 million tons, if combined with other food packaging, a conservative estimate over 2 million tons. At present, the National Day of the delivery volume has reached 60 million, use tape 17 billion m a year, up to 8. 2 billion plastic bags usage. Is expected in 2020, the national express quantity will amount to 50 billion pieces, 20 billion plastic bags, 7 billion bubble cushion bags. , according to results from the current three delivery platform orders a day on average about 7 million single, every single besides three plastic bags, plastic boxes, one to two layer also includes disposable chopsticks, plastic spoon, soup cup, straw, etc, these disposable catering supplies does not generally disposed into the recycling system. It is estimated that China now only disposable plastic lunch boxes and all kinds of foam packaging consumption is close to 500000 tons. Look at the world, each year about 8 million tons of plastic waste into the sea, China accounted for almost a third. Waste plastics in the world's oceans, floating in the ocean there are more than 1. 500 million tons of plastic waste, covering area of up to 88%. 90% of seabirds died of eating plastic, therefore cause global economic losses of at least $13 billion a year. According to relevant data, the amount of food packaging account for about 60% of the entire packaging industry. The annual output of plastic packaging amounted to $80 billion to $120 billion, but 95% of the plastic packaging is only a single use. “ Five-year & throughout; At the end of the plastic waste in our country the total amount has reached 8. 8 billion tons, the plastic waste treatment fee is the cost of 55 times, such as natural decay need at least 200 years. Plastic is how to deal with? Waste plastic burned, will produce large amounts of dioxins and other toxic gases, causing secondary pollution and greenhouse effect. Landfill is the main method of our country at present most of city garbage disposal, dumps occupy land more than 750000 mu, the annual economic loss of 30 billion yuan, now has tens of thousands of suburban landfill field. Natural degradation plastics need to more than 200 years, precipitation additives can contaminate soil and groundwater. Use of non-biodegradable plastic packaging, caused serious white pollution, brings to the ecological environment of irreparable damage. Among a glimmer of hope that domestic policies were banned plastic, alleviate the pressure of plastic waste, global ban plastic, countries are vigorously promote green packaging.
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