Kraft paper valve bag: production usually need to how much kraft paper, kraft paper bag

by:Kolysen     2020-06-24
Kraft paper bag is very popular in Europe and the United States has, but also in many supermarket supply all kinds of kraft paper bag, plastic ban issued by countries in recent years, in kraft paper bag of the big cities in China are beginning to use more and more. Kraft paper bag instead of white cardboard, coated paper bag. Making kraft paper bag with white kraft paper or unbleached kraft paper, usually used to 100 grams, 120 grams or 150 grams of kraft paper. Is usually used in the first two gram weight of kraft paper, in order to highlight the characteristics of simple, usually brown paper bag only need two color printing, this time whether can meet white kraft paper or yellow kraft paper. Kraft paper bag is the biggest characteristic can be recycled many times, can be recycled and making some low-end beating of kraft paper or paperboard; If rejected left to also can in a short period of time, not like plastic can't break down hundreds of years, the environmental impact is very small.
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