Kraft paper valve bag, kraft paper, what are the applications

by:Kolysen     2020-06-22
Such as the kraft paper was used in chemical industry, machinery industry, especially widely used in food packaging industry. Kraft paper is widely used in all kinds of packaging products, paper bags, tote bags, kraft paper, color box, gift boxes kraft paper kraft paper, printing, notebook special kraft paper, kraft paper, kraft paper, envelopes, exercise books. Food packaging should follow the principle of convenient, portable, kraft paper, tensile strengths make it very suitable for the demand of the packaging. In order to prevent customers take-out food bag is pulled, packaging material requirements have good tensile strength. Materials have a certain packaging requirement of wet deformation resistance, bibulous deformation against breakage. For frozen food packaging, the use of high strength material as packaging is the key, the material must be able to withstand low temperature freezing and high temperature melt heat bilges cold shrink, deformation, distortion, crinkle, and prevent excessive moisture can't food. In these ways, unbleached kraft paper, even more than the SBS paper applies.
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