Kraft paper valve bag: how to distinguish between different class of kraft paper

by:Kolysen     2020-06-17
Detailed distinguish between different class of kraft paper is as follows: 1, low-grade kraft paper: are generally renewable kraft paper. Renewable kraft paper is through the manufacturers recycling waste materials to smash into pulp, through a variety of paper processing and shaping process. From appearance to see general renewable kraft paper has a relatively coarse, combined with its low price advantage, the application of the recycled paper is working towards a good trend of development. 2, top grade kraft paper, are generally all wood pulp paper. Texture is more tightly, even thickness, good toughness and has the very good compression, tensile, tear resistance, resistance to puncture, folding resistance and water resistance, paper double-faced smooth, has a uniform ink absorbency, less surface pollen and wool phenomenon. Widely used in high-end handbags, arm in arm bags, food bags, carton, cardboard, packaging color box, etc. Other such as kraft paper, Russia has its unique high temperature resistant performance, so it is very good electronics factory PCB clapboard paper. People consumption idea more and more high, so high kraft paper is downstream material of choice for paper industry in the future. Peak on the market at present, xtep, 361 degrees, and other well-known brands have been using our import paper bag, higher customer satisfaction. 3, intermediate kraft paper, are generally mixed pulp kraft paper. In addition to not suitable for used as food packaging, used in metal, glass, color box packaging, electronic products packaging, such as article points are good options. Due to the shortage of raw stock materials, cost rising, there are many companies that produce virgin pulp kraft paper factory, has moved to mixing oar oar paper market or regeneration.
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