Kraft paper valve bag: how to determine the specifications of the kraft paper

by:Kolysen     2020-06-21
The needs of different specifications have different requirements for kraft paper, have a need to kraft paper article points into small specification, also have the kraft paper cutting cost sheets, and kraft paper volume classification into small volume, in all of the specifications of the kraft paper is multifarious, what size all have, but what kind of specification is a general specification, which is a special specifications, people often points not clear. Generally above in the domestic market of kraft paper, commonly used specifications, also known as the conventional specifications of kraft paper is 787 * 1092889 * 1194 specifications of the flat, also known as positive and generous specifications of kraft paper, in terms of drum specifications of conventional reel specification kraft paper is 787889102 0109 2119 4 this specifications, these specifications can meet the requirements of printing factories full version. Among the actual demand, there are some products if you want to use conventional specifications of the paper, there will be a big waste, this time you need to use special specifications of kraft paper, the so-called special specifications of kraft paper is in addition to conventional specifications any other specifications of the paper. For kraft paper factory, there is often a general specification of inventory or stock up with large volumes of the specifications of the base paper stock, for a rainy day, kraft paper, the dealer will tend to be buy kraft paper base paper, cutting into their customers need to specification.
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