Kraft paper sack kraft paper is made of what material?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-19
In a long time ago, & other; Kraft paper & throughout; When is really made of calf leather. Of course, this & other; Kraft paper & throughout; , now only when doing the drum skin, it will only be needed; And you package with kraft paper, is that people learn the papermaking technology, use of conifer wood fiber, pulp through chemical method, add the pulper in beating, add rubber, dyes, etc. , the last copy into paper in paper machine. Due to this kind of paper color is yellow-brown, paper is tenacious, much like leather, so people call it a kraft paper. In fact, kraft paper and plain paper manufacturing methods and there is not much different. Why strong kraft paper than ordinary paper? This is mainly used in the system of kraft paper wood fiber is longer, and when cooking wood, is to use caustic soda and alcali sulphide chemicals handled, so that their chemical role, has a more moderate damage by the strength of the original wood fiber is relatively small, so with this kind of paper pulp making paper, between the fibre and fibre is tightly dependent, so kraft paper, all very fast. Kraft paper is tenacious waterproof packing paper, tan, use is very wide, often used to make paper bags, envelope, album cover, file and sand paper, etc. Quantitative range of 40 grams per square metre to 120 grams/square meters, have a web and tablet in the paper, and the single side, double side light and difference with stripes. Main quality requirements is flexible, strong, resistant to break the degree is high, can bear large pulling force and pressure does not break. Kraft paper, has the very high tension, there are presented. especially, double light, stripes, no lines, etc. Mainly used for wrapping paper, envelopes, paper bags, etc, and press roller bag lining, etc.
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