Kraft paper bags why can quickly favored by the market?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-21
“ Like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, thousands of trees throughout critics, pear flower open &; 。 This sentence to describe snow words used to describe the rise of kraft paper in the Chinese market is the most appropriate nevertheless. Since the millet mobile phone using kraft paper packaging, the popularity of kraft paper in the Chinese market success, and quickly became the darling of the packaging market. Kraft paper packing why can quickly accepted by the market and the rush? Here have to say to the kraft paper, excellent physical properties, millet mobile phone layer in marketing have found a video about kraft paper packaging strength test, a more than one hundred jin of the strong man standing on the leather box, leather box without any damage, which fully shows the kraft paper, the strength of the strong. In the network shopping hot today, a high strength and compressive resistance and packing nature by the public. Second is the change of people consumption idea, in the past a lot of people like to have a luxury packaging products, think such elegant do not lose face. Now the situation is reversed, people more back to the level of rational consumption, simple but elegant and easy kraft paper packaging is more popular. The kraft paper packaging as an environmentally friendly packaging kraft paper, in today's increasingly pay attention to environmental protection, completely conforms to the social theme, also become a major selling point some sellers promote products.
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