Kraft paper bags what glue adhesive kraft paper is best?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-24
The best glue adhesive kraft paper is polished glue. Polish gel is a kind of acid ester containing special functional monomer (PVC/propylene ester copolymer emulsion, in line with international environmental standards, has been through the eu ROHS standard and SGS testing, has strong adhesion to difficult to stick base material, have very good heat resistance performance. Don't need to add any plasticizer and polishing all kinds of light oil on the surface of printed matter, PVC, PET, paper, wood, strong performance, the bonding performance between surplus polish glue belongs to the self-crosslinking emulsion, high cohesion, high bonding strength. Polish glue is made of high quality thermal plastic rubber, viscosity resin, additives, etc. , by strict scientific formula and advanced production technology, elaborate and into a high performance of viscose. Suitable for polishing, pressure light stare blankly box side and bottom of adhesive. Polish glue coating and drying speed is fast; Film and soft, good to the glazing surface adhesion, adhesive strength; Cold heat resistance good, glue good product in bake 60 degrees for 72 hours or frozen zero basic remains the same, 72 hours of bonding strength product no cracking-off, film is not brittle.
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