Kraft paper bags: unbleached kraft paper and paperboard difference in printing

by:Kolysen     2020-06-25
The appearance of the unbleached kraft paper, natural brown have healthy, lasting appeal restoring ancient ways, which is different from the unique appearance of the bleached kraft performance is more outstanding. Unbleached kraft paper, used in portable bag, packing boxes, and tags of elevator and so on, in order to beautiful, to print the color more. Because the unbleached kraft paper, colored paper, namely originally and overall color is deep, if it is color or more color printing up is not easy and base paper color contrast, the overall visual effect is poor. Cattle paperboard can also be used to print, but relatively low gram weight of kraft paper, they are printing efficiency will be lower. Because or you can choose silk screen printing, screen printing ink layer thicker than other types of printing effect is better, it can also be printed color bright, product of loss rate is lower.
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